Hem Your Pants To The Proper Length

When choosing the hem length of your pants, consider the shoes you will wear. 

Based on my healed boots, I prefer the hem length shown in pictures 1 and 3 the most. Hem length 1 gives me a glamorous, flowy appearance while picture 3 exhibits a more deliberate crop effect that exposes almost all of my boot.

I am 159 cm tall so taking the long almost to the floor first pair of pants up 12 cm gives me the perfect purposeful crop look with my heeled pair of boots (above my ankle bone).

When I wear my flat street sneakers, I prefer my pants to float just above and almost touch the vamp of my shoe (the top nearest where my foot goes in). This makes the second picture my preferred length, which is taken up 8cm from the floor draping first picture. 

If I'm looking for a comfortable and relaxed look that I can wear with my flat street sneakers without having to deal with too much fabric bunching up, then the...

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Shoes To Frame Your Outfits

Are you overwhelmed by the variety of shoes in the store? Unsure which ones will match your wardrobe? 

The type of colours and tones you wear is the key factor.

With my colour type, I suit soft colours so my most worn shoes in Spring, Summer and Autumn are black.

I don't wear black boots in Winter though as these appear way too heavy for my colour type so instead I aim for dark taupe.

When I wear a dark jacket or tee, I pair it with bright white shoes to create contrast and balance my outfit without repeating the dark colour again.

Avoid wearing coloured sandals that match your clothes. Not repeating a colour within your outfit is key! 

Let me show you how it works in this quick video

To your wardrobe success,

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Make Your Dresses Work All Year Long

In Adelaide, South Australia. We are going through some crazy coolish weather for Spring. 

I want to wear my dresses as I'm over wearing my pants and jeans (I'm sure you are too).

As my hair gets greyer and greyer, my best colours change every so slightly (some people change colour types completely as they go grey and I mean go from warm skin tone to cool skin tone - complete opposites) and this white linen dress works so well for my grey-haired complexion even without a tan...

... the tan will arrive very soon (and safely, I absolutely adore sunscreen). 

This outfit kept me warm, I felt stylish and I was able to add section layers through using my sash belt to tuck my knit vest in. 


To your wardrobe success,

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Do You Say Nay To Crochet Today

It can feel difficult to jump on a trend that you have worn in the past but trends are what keep us inspired and having fun in our wardrobes.

Of course, we don't have to buy into them, Most of us have these items already in our wardrobes, we just need the "current trend" forecast to inspire us to create brand-new outfits. 

Crochet throws a high-quality retro vibe with a boho aesthetic and sits back nicely with ripped and distressed denim. Wide-leg pants and jeans are an easy match for the 70s vibe. Add a pair of platform wedges to finish the look. 

The modern edge of my outfit above is the collarless shirt peeking out above and below the crochet. When we re-wear old trends, it's always nice to add a new spin or let's say "a modern twist". 

A collared crinkled white shirt worn with distressed denim jeans hits that relaxed beachside vibe. I'm making sure I still frame my outfit with my black platform wedges and my black sequin...

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How Is Your Hat Collection Coming Along?

It's hat season, but then again most of us wear hats all year round it just comes out a little earlier and stays on a little longer over Spring and Summer.

For that reason, we need to learn how to incorporate our hats into our outfits.

Having both shape and colour knowledge when building our hat collection will have us looking and feeling our best for every occasion.

Fedora's for instance are perfect for garden parties, winery luncheons, and beach weddings.


>>> Would you like to learn which fedora shape will suit your facial lines? <<<<

Then we have our caps and straw hats.

These easy grabs are worn the most often and so important to pack when heading away on an "outside a lot" kind of holiday (like us pictured here in France 5 years ago).


>>> I have some pretty cool tips on colour choice in this blog post <<<

And remember, even though you are wearing a hat - don't forget that sunscreen!

To your...

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Are You Tired Of Not Knowing what Items To Put Together

Creating an outfit that is both interesting and effortless is much like following a recipe when cooking. 

But you are lucky in that you don't have to write out a grocery list and go shopping first. 

You can just use what is already in your pantry (I mean wardrobe of course).

1. Every outfit should be made up of a light item, a dark item, a coloured item and a print, that's the first guide.

2. If your neckline is higher than your face length, cut out the neckline with a face-length necklace (first picture above, top left).

3. If your neckline starts lower than your face length fill the gap with a shorter necklace (second picture above top right). 

4. If you have a print or detail that starts at face length (or close enough) on your top, you don't have to do a thing, just wear it as is (above bottom picture). 

                   >>> You can learn how to do that by...

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Shorts and the Colours to Collect in your Wardrobe for the Warmer Weather

Building that perfect warm-weather wardrobe is all about making sure you own a variety of colours that not only work with you but also work back with each other.

This is when my light, Dark, colour and a print theory really comes into play. 

The photos above show an example of light shorts, dark shorts, a colour (my eye colour) and a print pair (strawberry pinstripe). Note that every outfit has a light, a dark, a colour and a print with my hair being the dark in the first outfit (yes, you can include your hair).

When I wear my pink skin colour, I like to have a self-detail or print so that I don't appear naked from a distance (try to keep this in mind when you are buying your active wear).

The print in your outfit can be details like the edging on my off-the-shoulder tops or the extra sewn seams on my pockets and the top in my first photo.

Keeping this in mind every time you get dressed really does make it easy

And If you don't love wearing...

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How To Dress In-between Seasons

Transeasonal dressing is a versatile fashion approach that allows you to transition smoothly from one season to another.

When the weather is in between seasons, you can take advantage of this dressing style to create unique outfits that are both practical and chic.

You can mix and match pieces from various seasons of your wardrobe, creating a fusion of colors, textures, and styles that reflect your personal taste. This way, you can stay comfortable, confident, and fashionable, no matter what the weather brings.

I suggest investing in timeless and versatile wardrobe staples that can be easily integrated into your outfits throughout the year.

A favourite trophy shirt, a pair of unique chinos, and an oversized classic Grandpa blazer are just a few key pieces in my wardrobe.

These are items that aren't bound to any particular season so can be adjusted and layered as needed.

Think classic pieces but with a twist to keep things interesting. Look...

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Dressing For An Event

During our Annual Boss Babes catch-up on Saturday night, we celebrated the 9th anniversary of our Boss program with almost 200 of the 2,000 Boss Babes in attendance.

Photo credit: Clarity Liu Photography

The Boss Babes came from all over Australia and New Zealand to attend the celebration. We also have Boss program Members from all over the world who we hope will join us someday. Even our children joined us to celebrate.


Indi_Klosette (Chase 24), Tenley 20 and Indy 21

My Boss in your wardrobe program is way more than just learning how to build, love and sustain the perfect wardrobe, it also comes with a beautiful group of women that encourage and inspire each other every day. 

Imagine being part of a vibrant and empowering community who motivate you to be the best version of yourself. That's exactly what My Boss in Your Wardrobe program offers. Apart from learning a complete wardrobe plan, your personal colour type system,...

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Its Time To Talk Street Sneakers

The science behind your style is all about the personal preference you have when wearing certain items in your wardrobe. 

Each additional item you purchase should not only match your existing wardrobe but also be cohesive with you.

This is how you build the perfect wardrobe. 

Let's examine the reasoning behind each of my street sneaker choices in the outfits below.

First outfit: Camel is a perfect colour pairing for black and also crisp white. I felt that my first outfit needed both a light and a print along with a dark so the multi black and white street sneakers are spot on. 

Second outfit: The subtle tie dye print track suit had me wanting to carry on a subtle print into my shoes by way of my shoe laces and when I added the more formal blazer, the casual lace up street sneakers made perfect sense. 

Third outfit: My chambray ruffle shirt is acting as a strong feature print and my dark denim trench is the dark so I felt that I wanted a...

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