Create beautiful, calming, inviting spaces in your home that makes you want to stay awhile.

Plan each room's theme using natural light
Style with thoughtful touches using colour theory
Enjoy the feeling calm and abundance each day


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I love all the changes I have made!

But if I have to choose my favourites they are...
Our entry space - I love walking into it. It feels natural, comfortable and calm. It features a plant my best friend gave me and a little metal horse from my travels.
A hanging out space next to our dining room. My kids lie on it, I read on it, it feels comfortable and welcoming too. I haven’t perfected the cushions yet but I’m working on it.
A chatting, watching tv, reading space. I love creating ‘extra’ spaces within rooms that look great and serve a function. This is definitely something I have learnt from Nat. X

Imagine stepping into calm and every space in your home.


Does your home feel like it needs a fresh new vibe?

Maybe you've collected lots of inspiration for home decor, picked up some amazing pieces from your travels, and even have amazing furniture you love...yet somehow they feel cluttered rather than cultured.

That's because just like anything else, you need a plan. It starts with working out a theme for each space and figuring out what colour, size, and shape of furniture needs to go where.

The best plan? Combines styling, colour, and function to create spaces in your home that brings an inviting ambience of balance and harmony.

Whether you're planning a reno, renting a property, or preparing one for sale, it's time to create the feeling of calm, zen, and abundance into your home.

Style your home using natural light and pieces you already own.

Inspired by practical, simple styling techniques and the timeless art of feng shui*, you'll make the most of natural light in each space, which brings the harmony and balance of nature into your interiors.

From comfy and cosy to "Hamptons" style and chic to sophisticated and minimalist, discover the small details that make a big difference. (Small enough that might help you make sneaky changes that hopefully even the change-averse won't mind. 🤫)

Let's create a space that feels like a natural expression of you

* This course only uses the feng shui framework to work out how the sun hits a space and how colours play with the light, bringing the feeling of nature inside.

This course is not to meant to be an in-depth study of feng shui.

I liked our house and ‘stuff’ before, but by moving things around and tweaking what we already have, has made a big difference to the feel of the spaces.



💯% Recommend Interiors…I’ve gone from having a house with no character to one that I love living in (when the clutter of having children is not overflowing lol). We’re about to Reno our kitchen/living space and we were able to pick everything we wanted so easily with the knowledge I’ve gained from this course ❤️


Katrina Lee-Randone


Hi, I'm Nat Tucker.

Interior & Personal Stylist — Make It Look Easy

They also call me the "Energy Whisperer" or "Colour Whisperer". 😉

I've always been fascinated with lists, frameworks, and colour. When I came across feng shui, I was curious. I'll be honest, it did seem complicated and hocus-pocus at first, but at the core of it is practical wisdom based on natural light and the balance of elements in nature — created thousands of years ago that still works to this day. 

I wanted to share years of study distilled into a short course — designed to simplify styling concepts for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere, so we can live each day with the feeling of calm and abundance.

Get that designer look without the interior designer price tag...using things you already own.


What You'll Learn

Part I. The Plan

You'll start with mapping out your floor plan to work with the natural sunlight in each room.

Part II. The Styling

This part is the exciting one! It's where you'll start styling each room in your house. As you move through each space, we introduce key styling secrets in bite-sized pieces so you can style like a pro with ease.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn:

  • Styling Your Entrance — Learn how your home can give a sense of welcome to your guests, and learn some key tips on what creates a warm feeling that'll make them want to stay a while.
  • Styling With Displays & Wall Art — Discover the two key skills you need to decorate like a pro, you'll be amazed at what the amazing looks you can achieve (not to mention all the dollars you'll save) using objects that are already in your home.
  • Styling Your Bedroom — This is one of the most important parts of your home, as you spend a third of your life in it. Even if you spend much less than that, make every hour and minute count by creating a calming sanctuary that'll leave you feeling refreshed each morning.
  • Styling With Cushions — Cushions are some of the easiest and cost-effective ways to give your rooms that extra oomph. Learn what sizes, prints and colour to look for that'll give them an amazing harmony, even if you don't spend too much time arranging them.
  • Styling Your Kitchen — Another key space in your home where the family and your loved ones come together. Learn how to style a kitchen that cooks up not just amazing dishes but also the best memories and conversations.
  • Designing Your Dining Area — Create a dining area that everyone wants to hang out in, even after the table was cleared.
  • Styling Your Lounge — All about creating a relaxing space even with the increasing screen sizes and unsightly electronics. You'll know exactly what rug size to get, which coffee table will work best in a practical way.
  • Styling Your Windows — From bay windows to small bedrooms, learn which colour, finish, and style of curtains, blinds, or shutters will work best for each space.
  • Styling Your Bath & Laundry — How to create an organic and natural experience in your bathrooms, while making sure wealth and abundance doesn't go down the drain.
  •  Styling Your Home Office — One of the toughest spaces to decorate due to electronics, you'll learn how to create a waterfall that brings in nature so that it encourages inspiration and creativity.


All The Tools You Need To Style A Beautiful, Abundant Home


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Short Videos

Learn the theory and how-tos so you can get styling with confidence and ease.

PDF Downloads

You'll have PDFs as easy reference that you can download on your device (or print, if you prefer) as you go through each room. 

Self-Study Community

Get encouragement and inspiration with like-minded students who are learning with you.


Match the flow of your space with how the sun hits the room. 


Make confident choices as you decorate every corner with intention.


Discover how to best arrange your furniture and decor so they look put-together.

Get that designer look without the designer pricetag

This DIY online course gets you styling your home like a pro. 
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Hiring an interior stylist can cost thousands. (What Nat used to charge.)


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I’m early in my interiors journey but already love my home more.

It’s now becoming more than a house and four walls, and turning into somewhere I want to be. 

Interiors is fantastic l am learning so much.

I am about to photo bomb soon all the changes l have made. My home is looking and feeling wonderful.  ❤️
—Julie Costello


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I’ve loved doing the Interiors Course & been able to implement some fabulous changes to my home which I feel really suits my style & definitely reflects who I am. 🤩

—Felicity Jane Tester